On October, 1, 1996 dr. ir. Peter Meuris has presented the "Radio dust analyser".(E)
On November, 19, 1996 dr. ir. Hugues Vasseur has given a lecture on "Characterising of the transmission channel for mobile communication systems".(F)
On April, 28, 1997 Commander dr. ir. Isabelle De Leenheer has discussed the "Computation and measurement of the equivalent radar cross-section of a helicopter".(N)
Since 1997 the different laboratories of the Belgian URSI members are also hosting the meetings. The RUG(Division INTEC, on 18/2/97), the KMI/IRM(the research centre of Dourbes, on 16/9/97)were also our hosts. A few pictures taken by E. Van Lil of the KMI research centre of Dourbes are shown here (we thank the director, dr. Jodogne for the permission to reproduce them here):

The URSI delegation in front of the main building.
From left to right: Prof. A. Vander Vorst, Prof. J.-L. Van Eck, Prof. J. De Prins, Prof. P. Van Daele, dr. Chr. Demol, Prof. A. Barel, dr. P. Cugnon, dr. J.-Cl. Jodogne, dr. Hanoteau, Prof. Cl. Vloeberghs, Prof. P. Delogne.

The antenna of the ionospheric sounder.

The entrance to the building of the ionospheric sounder.

The building of the earth magnetic field measurements.