Dr. Daniël Heynderickx has presented at the ISA(Institute for Space Aeronomy) on November 24,1998 the "SP(ace)ENV(ironment)I(nformation)S(ystem)". Interested persons can obtain more information at the following web address: The Spenvis system
Dr. ir. Peter Meuris has discussed the"Correlation of near-field EMC-antenna measurements with far-field OATS results" in the laboratory De Nayer (St. Katelijne Waver) on monday, January 18, 1999 at 14.30.
On May, 4, 1999 dr. Catherine Steukers has discussed a "Feasibility study of neutralisation of hidden landmines by High Power Microwaves"(F).
On September, 28 1999 ir. Iris De Coster has discussed the "Interference and siteplanning of the new control tower of Zaventem"(N) with the Unified Theory of Diffraction.
In the meeting of Sept. 99, a new executive has been appointed, namely Prof. Claude Vloeberghs as vice-chair, Prof. Emmanuel Van Lil as chair, and Prof. Serge Prohoroff as secretary as well as Prof. Daniel De Zutter als vice secretary. Prof. Piotr Sobieski and Prof. Serge Prohoroff were elected as new effective members.