The Belgian National Committee for Radio-electricity is one of the committees of the Royal Academy of Sciences, Literature and Fine Arts of Belgium. The committee is composed of 16 members (8 Flemish and 8 French). The number of honorary and associate members is not fixed. The daily activities are followed up by the President, the Vice President, the Secretary and the Vice Secretary. The committee is further subdivided into commissions, that are copies of the subjects of the URSI international commissions. The person in capitals represents the national committee on international meetings.

Effective members

Vice president
Vice Secretary

Other effective members belonging to the Flemish community:

Other effective members belonging to the French community:

Honorary members



Associate members




Commission A: Electromagnetic metrology:

Commission B: Fields and Waves:

Commission C: Radio-Communication systems and signal processing:

Commission D: Electronics and photonics:

Commission E: Electromagnetic noise and interference:

Commission F: Propagation and teledetection:

Commission G: Radio-electricity and ionospheric propagation:

Commission H: Waves and Plasmas:

Commission J: Radio-astronomy:

Commission K: Electromagnetism in Biology and Medicine:

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