As a test, the executive summaries of the recent activities will be downloadable. Those are only available in French or Dutch. This will require a username and password, that is known to the members. If you forgot, or if you want to register your IP address, contact me.
1996-1997 (W97, 13135 bytes, Dutch)
1997-1998 (W97, 15872 bytes, Dutch)
1996-1997 (txt, 4527 bytes, Dutch)
1997-1998 (txt, 5044 bytes, Dutch)
1996-1997 (W97, 12007 bytes, French)
1997-1998 (W97, 15360 bytes, French)
1998-1999 (37376 bytes, French)
1996-1997 (txt, 4229 bytes, French)
1997-1998 (txt, 4636 bytes, French)





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